As expected, Pau Gasol “doubtful” vs. Knicks Tuesday night


Tuesday night in the “we have Phil Jackson now and you don’t” showdown between New York and Los Angeles, the Knicks really need a win to keep any playoff hopes alive. The tanking Lakers could use another loss.

Not surprisingly Pau Gasol will not be part of the Lakers lineup Tuesday night.

Gaol sat out the second half of the Lakers win over Orlando Sunday after feeling dizzy. He was given three bags of IV fluid and spent the night in the hospital with what was diagnosed as vertigo. With that this is not a surprise.

Atlanta’s loss to the Suns Monday leaves the Knicks 2.5 games out of the eighth seed and final spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Beat the Lakers and that lead is just 2 with 11 games to play. Still the battle is very uphill for New York (to put it kindly) — 7 of their 11 remaining games are on the road and 9 are against teams with better than .500 records. Atlanta, on the other hand, has 5 of their remaining 13 on the road and just 6 are against better than .500 teams.

The Lakers are focused on the draft and are sixth in the current draft order, having picked up that win over the Magic last weekend. A loss would tie the Lakers with Boston for the fifth worst record.