Portland Trail Blazers first tweet ever is just depressing


If you haven’t noticed on twitter today because you were watching Dayton screw up your bracket, the company put up a new feature where you can check out the first tweet from any account. For example, mine was a reply to the wise Eric Freeman of Ball Don’t Lie and other assorted spots on the Web, replying to him about how I love getting to use this NBA on NBC avitar.

It was way better than the first tweet of the Portland Trail Blazers account (as first noted by Dan Devine at the aforementioned Ball Don’t Lie).


(If you’re about to look it up, that was when they drafted Greg Oden in front of Kevin Durant. By the way, any GM that says today they would have taken Durant first is lying or remembering history wrong, everyone was talking up Oden. Everyone.)

Most of the other first tweets from NBA teams are banal. The Clippers just announce a game. A few teams like the Hawks just said they were trying it out. The Heat went with a lame catchphrase. And the Lakers would like you to know it is actually them, for reals.