Cleveland Cavaliers apparently forget how to spell LeBron James’ name


LeBron James re-signing with the Cavaliers this summer or next?

Members of the organization reportedly believe it’s possible. And of course, they want it to happen. Every team in the NBA wants LeBron.

The question is how committed the Cavaliers are to luring back LeBron. Some conspiracy enthusiasts believe every move Cleveland makes – from trading for Luol Deng to scheduling Ilgauskas’ jersey retirement on a date LeBron could attend – is influenced by impressing LeBron.

If this is part of some master plan, I’m not seeing it.

Maybe the Cavaliers clued in LeBron of the misspelling in advance – he certainly didn’t play as if he were distracted by the error as the Heat pulled away late for a 100-96 win – and it’s a plot to get Anderson Varejao out of town, clearing more cap room.

Or maybe it’s just negligence.

Transcription software does not seem like the best way to spell the names of NBA players, who hail from various ethnic backgrounds.

Quick, distract everyone with a fancy light show.