Pistons’ Andre Drummond out Wednesday, questionable Friday with neck injury


The good news is that after the hospital doctors got a look at Andre Drummond following the collision above, they ruled out anything serious — no concussion, no spine injuries.

Still he injured his neck and will be out, missing Wednesday’s game in Denver and questionable for Friday in Phoenix, the team announced. It sounds as if he might not miss too much time.

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Which is not necessarily good news — in the current draft order the Pistons would pick 8th. If their pick is 9 or lower it goes to the Bobcats (part of the Ben Gordon trade, if the Bobcats don’t get it this year they get it next year unless the Pistons have the No. 1 pick). At this point, the Pistons are not making the playoffs, which means they should make sure they get that top 8 pick. Call it tanking if you want, I think getting good players is a smart strategy.

So let Drummond have a few games off on this road trip West. He’s your franchise big man going forward no reason to rush him back (and there are better reasons not to).