Terrence Ross still has to take out the trash when he visits his mom’s house


Terrence Ross has won a Dunk Contest. He scored 51 points in a game. He starts for the Eastern Conference’s third-best team.

But he still has to take out the trash when he goes to his mom’s house.

Raptors.com interviewed Ross with his mom, Marcine Ross, when Toronto played in his hometown of Portland last month. About 25:30 into this video, she talks about balancing caring for him and instilling discipline. It’s clear, though, she succeeded with the latter.

Marcine: “Even last night, when he came home, what’s the first thing he did when he walked in? What’s the first thing?”

Terrence: “I’m not even sure.”

Marcine: “When you first walked in.”

Terrence: “Oh, I took out the trash.”

Marcine: “He took out the trash.”

If you watch the clip, her tone and smile clearly says that’s an expectation, not a request.