Suns’ P.J. Tucker suspended one game for blow to head of Blake Griffin


P.J. Tucker had to know this was coming the second it happened. So did his coach, who tried to defend him anyway.

Phoenix’s Tucker has been suspended one game for “elbowing Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin in the chin” the league announced on Tuesday. Tucker will sit out Wednesday night when the Suns host the Cavaliers.

The incident happened midway through the fourth quarter. Griffin had the ball in the post with Tucker on his back, Griffin passed the ball out and when the three ball went up the two fought for rebounding position. Tucker and Griffin got tangled up, went to the ground and Griffin landed top — that’s when Tucker threw the elbow, which was really a forearm swing in an attempt to get Griffin off of him.

“We got tangled up and went down and, you know,” Griffin said after the game with a little smirk.”Took a little forearm. But you know, it happens.”

“(Tucker) got tackled, I’m not even sure how the foul was on him,” Suns coach Jeff Hornacek said. “He’s standing there, Blake takes him right to the ground and rolls on top of him and he’s just trying to get him off. I don’t know why that would be a suspension.”

Yes you did. Nice try. This was the right call by the league.