Jeff Teague went temporarily deaf in one ear during game due to earwax


I used to clean my ears with cotton swabs, but I no longer do that.

As of right now.

This story scared me straight.

Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague, via Chris Vivlamore of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear, at all,” Teague said. “It hit me they day before we played Golden State. In L.A. I couldn’t hear anything. On the plane, it went crazy.”

A doctor removed a considerable amount of wax from both ears. He advised Teague not to use cotton swabs to clean his ears and that doing so pushes wax deep into the ear canal. Teague said he has used swabs on a daily basis for many years.

“He got it out and now I can hear everything,” Teague said. “It’s like a miracle.”

Teague scored nine points each against the Warriors on Friday and Clippers on Saturday. After going to the doctor, he scored 14 points against the Jazz on Monday.

That uptick probably was probably mostly due to a higher usage and a worse opponent, but I bet his ear health also played a part.