Celtics unveil new St. Patrick’s Day green uniforms. With sleeves.



I love that the Celtics have always kept their jersey look simple and clean. I like that they’re doing the same thing with their new alternate jerseys for St. Patrick’s Day.

Of course, there are the sleeves.

Why the Boston Celtics actually need a special St. Patrick’s Day jersey is another question, but then we all really know the answer ($$).

It’s a pretty simple design: A solid green jersey with “Celtics” gold lettering across the front and gold trim around the neck, plus the player’s name and number in gold on the back. Plus the team’s shamrock logo is on the back. They go with green shorts that have gold trim on the sides and a shamrock.

Here is Jerryd Bayless talking about them with what I believe to be the Notre Dame University leprechaun. Or a reasonable facsimile of such.