Phil Jackson reportedly close to taking Knicks job, nobody asked Carmelo about it


At this point it feels like we are waiting for the inevitable — Phil Jackson is going to take a key spot in the New York Knicks front office.

That raises all sorts of interesting questions — such as will his mythical ability to get people to do what he wants and make them think it is their own idea extend to James Dolan? — but it appears it is close to happening according to multiple reports, including Chris Broussard at ESPN.

However the biggest question is: What does Carmelo Anthony think of all this?

He hasn’t been consulted, he told the New York Post.

“I don’t even know what’s going on with that,’’ Anthony said late Saturday night after the Knicks beat the Cavaliers for their third straight win. “Nobody came to me about that. Until that time comes, I’m not going to know what’s going on.

“It’s hard to say at this particular moment. If anything, it’s not going to be right now. I’m pretty sure they’d try to wait for the offseason and then we’ll deal with all that stuff.’’

The odds that the Knicks are making this move without at least having a conversation with the Anthony camp is small… well, this is the Knicks so who knows. He should have been consulted, or at least informed, that’s what you do with the guy who is the face of the franchise. Particularly if you are trying to re-sign him this summer.

Jackson with the Knicks should help give the franchise some kind of plan — they are not just going to assemble parts but their will be a plan. A new coach and over a couple years a change out of players to fit with whatever that plan turns out to be.

Will Carmelo Anthony be part of that plan? Honestly, the Knicks rebuilding may go faster without him even if it means next season is even more painful. But Dolan has made re-signing Anthony a priority and what the superstar has said all along is he sees the Knicks as his “first priority” if they can show they have a plan. Jackson is now that plan. Is that enough for Anthony?

Things are about to get even more interesting for a Knicks team that regardless of who is running the show is just not going to be terribly good next season on the court.