Joakim Noah’s dad, Yannick, halts interview for raucous celebration of son’s play


Joakim Noah’s father, former tennis star Yannick Noah, was giving an interview during Sunday’s Bulls-Heat game when Joakim stopped LeBron James, grabbed an offensive rebound on the other end and then drew a foul.

Let’s just say the interview went in a different direction at that point.

If you were wondering where Joakim’s passion came from, now you know.

Later in the game, Yannick even did the Dikembe Mutombo finger wag for a Joakim block:

That form is a little sloppy. Gotta tighten that up, Yannick.

Then again, the passion comes through much more that way as opposed to Mutombo’s firmer wags. This just must be the Noah family style.

Prediction: There will be a camera on Yannick during all of the Bulls’ playoff games.