Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown willing to accept ‘blemish’ of terrible record on his résumé


No matter how his NBA head-coaching career unfolds, Brett Brown will always have a first-season losing record on his résumé. His 76ers will finish somewhere between 15-67 and 36-46 – likely much closer to the former.

The 76ers struggling was no surprise. In fact, they’ve probably exceeded expectations.

So why did Brown put himself in this position?

“I just felt like I was at a stage where I wanted the challenge,” Brown said in an interview with Dan Patrick of NBC Sports. “And it would be a blemish on a coaching record, but I feel like, at this stage for me, that’s not my motivation. I hope to be a part of something special and build something special here.”

It didn’t hurt that he secured a four-year guaranteed contract, providing the one- or two-year buffer most first-time coaches don’t get. The 76ers complied, because everyone is one the same page about what they’re doing.

“You try to buy into the overall philosophy that the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers mapped out,” Brown told Patrick. And theirs was, ‘We want to try to do something better than the 38 to 40-something wins that we’ve experienced in the last 11 years.’ And to do that, we need to rebuild the program.

“At times, it is difficult, I admit. But it is part of the plan.”

Some other highlights from the interesting interview:

  • Does he believe the 76ers will win again this season? (The countdown has already begun for them setting the NBA’s all-time longest losing streak.) “I feel like, if we can buy some time, we’ll play with enough energy where we can go steal a win. I think that there is a win in the group – maybe a few.”
  • Is Nerlens Noel healthy enough to play? “He most definitely isn’t.”
  • Could Iverson play for this 76ers team? “I doubt it. I think, his fitness level, who knows?”