Was Tupac at Warriors/Celtics game Wednesday? No. But…


You know what Tupac Shakur is doing right now? Having lunch with Elvis, Jim Morrison and Andy Kaufman. In heaven (or your afterlife of choice). Because they are all dead.

Outside of a hologram at Coachella you are never going to see Tupac again… but then who was that at the Warriors/Celtics game on Wednesday night? From Andre Iguodala’s Instagram account (via NBA.com’s All Ball).

 They sayin 2pac back, 2pac back! At the game tonight in Boston.  #threwUpTheWestCoastAndEverything#noseRingToo#LastNinjaOnEarthWithAbandanaTiedLikeThat#HadAReebokDryfitWithAWhiteBlazerOverIt

I love that if Tupac is coming back that he hasn’t changed his look from 1996. Stick with what works.