Dwight Howard’s seven lost siblings the source of his fun-loving attitude


CSN Houston premiered “The Dwight Howard Show,” a reality show featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the Houston Rockets center.

Early in the first episode, his explanation for his attitude caught my eye:

I enjoy life. For those of you who don’t know this, my mom lost seven kids. Seven! That’s a lot of kids. And I was supposed to be No. 8.

I was two months premature. Very, verry small baby. My dad could hold me in the palm of his hand – that small. That’s very small. I wasn’t supposed to be here. The doctor had my mom on bed rest for seven months.

I wasn’t supposed to be here. I made it! So, I’m happy. I’m going to smile. I’m going to enjoy my life.  I’m going to have fun, because I wasn’t supposed to be here.

Howard’s mother discussed the miscarriages further in a 2010 Orlando Sentinel article, but I find Howard’s quotes here very powerful. This explains a lot about who he is.

Interested in learning more about about Dwight? Watch the video for clips of him joking with other NBA players, working out and more.