Lakers’ Wesley’s Johnson’s game-winning alley-oop inbounds play to beat Blazers (VIDEO)


Portland had battled back from 14 down to take a one-point lead and it looked like they would hand the Lakers another painful loss. The Lakers hadn’t scored a field goal in the final six minutes and looked defeated.

Then this happened. It’s a play the Lakers have run before (against Detroit): Jordan Farmar fakes a dive toward the rim but stops and comes back to set a back screen that Wesley Johnson rolls off of right to the rim. LaMarcus Aldridge gets hung up on the pick a little and that’s just enough room for Kent Bazemore to throw the lob and for Johnson to catch the ball and lay it in. In the blink of an eye  was 107-106 Lakers.

That left the door open for the Trail Blazers, who had six seconds left to get the win.  They didn’t even run a play, they went iso. The Blazers gave Damian Lillard the ball, went 1-4 flat and let him work. The result was a contested 25 footer that wasn’t pretty.

The coach that ran a play with the game on the line got the win. Love to see that.