Fan runs on court to talk to Kyrie Irving, gets tackled, arrested by security (VIDEO)


This is getting disturbing — three times in the past year a fan has gotten on the court in Cleveland. First there was the “LeBron come back guy” last season, then there was the guy who ran out wearing the Kyrie Irving don’t leave shirt earlier this season.

Friday night another person ran out on the court to talk to Irving. Fortunately he seemed to mean no arm but he was instantly tackled by security and was arrested.

For the record, Irving is not likely to leave Cleveland soon. This summer the Cavaliers can and will offer Irving a max contract extension, one that could go up to five years (although a frustrated Irving could demand an early opt out after three years). If they can’t agree on a deal Irving could be a 2015 restricted free agent, and if he wanted to pay for the qualifying offer he could be a free agent in 2016.

But nobody does that. All players who eventually forced their way out — LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard — took the first contract offer after their rookie deal. That is the first ultra big, set-the-family-up-for-generations money. Irving will do that as well.

What may be the bigger issue is people keep running on the court in Cleveland.