Report: Nets expected to keep Jason Collins on roster for rest of season


A 10-day contract in the NBA is often really a tryout. A first date. Let’s see if this works for both of us and if it does we can continue, if not we go our separate ways.

Jason Collins got a 10-day contract with the Nets, which made him the first openly gay player in any of Americas’ four major team sports. It was almost assumed around the league from the second Brooklyn brought him in they planned to keep him past that first contract.

That is the Nets thinking, reports the New York Post. That in spite of the fact Collins struggled some against Portland in his second game as a Net.

“Game action is game action,” Collins said afterward. “But tonight, Portland attacked from the start, and it was hard to try to get back into the game.”

Collins’ 10-day contract expires early next week, but the Nets are all but certain to keep him for the rest of the season.

Collins has proven popular — the NBA isn’t really in the habit of releasing jerseys of guys on 10-day contacts (for obvious reasons) but they did with Collins and his was the biggest selling jersey on Tuesday. Collins wears the No. 98 in honor of Matthew Sheppard, a gay boy beaten and killed in Wyoming, a story that became national news.

But that’s not why the Nets signed him, rather they brought him in to provide post defense, set tough screens and provide some size inside. Two games in they are relatively happy with how he is doing on that count. Most likely Collins is given a second 10-day contract before his option is picked up for the rest of the season.

But that is the path the Nets seem to be on.