DeMarcus Cousins ejected after getting in face of referee (VIDEO)


It was a frustrating night for DeMarcus Cousins and the Kings — from the opening tip the Houston Rockets  petty much did whatever they wanted. Houston led by 25 in the first quarter and never looked back — and in the third quarter that frustration bubbled over.

Cousins had just gotten called for a foul on Dwight Howard — Howard missed an alley-oop dunk and Cousins was called for the foul although there wasn’t much contact — and that set him off. He can’t let things go and that came through again. While his coach Mike Malone tried to make Cousins’ case more rationally to referee Courtney Kirkland the center jumped in, started yelling and had to be restrained. That got him a second technical and sent to the showers.

After the game Cousins apologized on twitter.

We’ll see if that keeps this at just a fine or if Cousins gets a suspension.

That was technical number 15 for Cousins this season, the next one triggers and automatic one-game suspension. This was the first ejection this season for Cousins (that happened four times last year).

James Harden had 22 of his 43 on the night in the first quarter as the Rockets raced out to a 25 points lead and cruised the rest of the way to a 129-103 win.