League to monitor Raymond Felton situation, no plans for action yet


Innocent until proven guilty.

The NBA is very protective of its image and one of the things former commissioner David Stern worked hard to overcome was the image of an NBA overrun with thugs. So the story that Knicks point guard Raymond Felton has been arrested in New York for possessing a loaded gun without a license, allegedly waiving said handgun at his estranged wife during a Valentine’s Day fight, reports the New York Daily News.

Knicks guard Raymond Felton waved an unregistered pistol at his estranged wife during a Valentine’s Day spat in their tony West Side apartment, police sources said Tuesday… The lovers quarrel came 11 days before Felton’s arrest on felony weapons charges for keeping the imported gun with its armor-piercing ammo at his bedside, sources told the Daily News….

The unregistered Belgian-made model FN Five-seveN, usually kept in a bag in the couple’s bedroom, was filled with armor-piercing bullets, a source told the Daily News.

That is not going to sit well at the league office (or across Manhattan at the New York Knicks offices, for that matter).

However, it doesn’t mean the league is going to react immediately, they will let the legal situation play out. Something Howard Beck of Bleacher Report got the league to say.

The NBA could end up suspending Felton, but not until he pleads or is found guilty.

The league only jumped in on the Gilbert Arenas situation in advance of the courts when he started doing finger guns at games, essentially making light of the situation.

It will take time for Felton’s case to play out, but New York City has some of the most strict gun laws in the nation and Felton is facing felony charges.