Reactions from around sports world to Jason Collins playing as gay man


Jeremy Lin’s reaction above to Jason Collins signing then playing with the Brooklyn Nets — becoming the first openly gay player in America’s four major sports — is pretty much the norm. They are happy to see the barrier broken and done for basketball reasons.

NBA players are younger than the average American and if you look at polling on gay marriage or a host of other gay-rights issues, most younger people — regardless of if they are in a red or blue state — are far more “live and let live” than older generations. Their world view is far more libertarian on social issues. Not shockingly, most NBA players aren’t really concerned if there is a gay man on their team so long as he can play and help the squad. It’s more nuanced than that, but most players are fine with the idea.

You saw that in the reactions of players such as Kobe Bryant — which we brought you before — and others around the world of sports.