Report: Danny Granger was “pissed” when he learned of trade


You can’t blame him.

Danny Granger had spent the entire eight years of his NBA career in Indiana with the Pacers. He had been an All-Star with them. He had battled back from injuries with them and was now coming off the bench on a contender.

Then suddenly a last-minute trade comes down at the deadline and he is shipped off to a terrible Philadelphia team in the middle of a rebuild. What would your reaction be? Mine would be a lot like the Boston Globe’s Jake Fischer said Granger’s was:

Granger swung by the team practice facilities on the way out of town to say goodbye to the players and front office staff. It was a classy move.

Now Granger is going to meet with the Sixers and talk buyout. As we noted before he wants out, now it’s just a question of finding a number that works for him and the Sixers.

After that he’ll be a free agent.

We’ll see where he lands. But if he was pissed when he learned about the trade, you can’t really blame him.