Paul George says goodbye to “mentor” Danny Granger


On a serious note upset day for me losing a big brother and mentor hate to see him leave us.. You helped me so far along the way big bro! Still one of my toughest match ups.. Nothing but love for you geezy!


It’s easy to be cold and objective from a distance to say “Indiana made the right move trading Danny Granger for Evan Turner” (and they did) but up close in the locker room it is a tangle of emotions and difficult realties. Granger has played for no other team but the Pacers, he has roots there, and to just rip those roots up is going to cause some pain.

Paul George feels some of that pain and put the above out on Instagram.

A person close to Granger said this to the IndyStar after the trade.

“It’s a day of mixed emotions,” said a source close to Granger. “He’s obviously excited for the next chapter of his career and showing the league how ready he is. But at the same time, this organization has been very important to him for years and he’s made a ton of friends and so obviously saying bye to those close friends and teammates and others within the organization is going to be tough for he and his wife (Dionna).”