Some old-school Psycho T: Tyler Hansbrough tackles Mike Dunleavy (VIDEO)


What’s impressive is that Tyler Hansbrough uses very good tackling form here — he gets low, drives with his legs, leads with his shoulder.

Of course, because this was a basketball game between the Raptors and Bulls, Hansbrough and Mike Dunleavy received double technicals for this little incident.

Late in the third quarter Dunleavy crashed into Hansbrough going for a rebound and when Hansbrough got up his first instinct apparently was to tackle Dunleavy for a five yard loss. Except, again, wrong sport and all. These two do have a history going back to when Hansbrough was in Indiana and Dunleavy was a Buck.

Still, very Psycho T.

The Bulls held on to win the game 94-92.