Report: Thunder had interest in trading for Iman Shumpert


There was progress made on talks Wednesday between the Knicks and the Clippers that centered around a trade involving Iman Shumpert.

It would have been a disaster for the Knicks, who would have received Darren Collison (who isn’t good) and Matt Barnes or Reggie Bullock in exchange for Shumpert and Raymond Felton.

Discussions eventually faded, however, and then Shumpert suffered a knee injury in Wednesday’s win in New Orleans, which clouded the picture regarding his trade value entirely.

Another team has emerged as a potential suitor for Shumpert at this late hour on deadline day, though the status of his injury may very well prevent anything from going down before 3 p.m. Eastern.

Take that second one with plenty of grains of salt, but you get the idea — OKC has (or at least had) legitimate interest, and the Knicks price tag of a first round pick in return would mean nothing to a team in the thick of title contention.

Oklahoma City has a trade exception worth $2.3 million, so they could easily absorb Shumpert’s $1.7 million contract, and might be able to remain out of luxury tax territory even after a deal was completed.

Shumpert’s injury makes this a tough one for OKC to consider, however, especially with the deadline to agree to a deal less than 90 minutes away.