Report: Pistons shopping Josh Smith, want more than expiring contract


Two years ago, the Pistons traded Ben Gordon and a first-round pick for Corey Maggette. The players were basically irrelevant, but their contracts were key. Because Maggette’s expired a year sooner, the Pistons got cap space last summer rather than in the upcoming summer.

They, of course, used it to sign Josh Smith to a four-year, $54 million contract that doesn’t look so hot at the moment.

What if the Pistons could trade Smith for Gordon’s now-expiring contract? They might look a little foolish – that draft pick isn’t coming back – but they should at least consider it, right?

I guess not.

Are any teams actually offering an expiring contract for Smith? If they are and the Pistons are still passing later this afternoon, that seems unwise on their part.

More likely, Detroit is just trying to generate a market and/or hasn’t given up yet on Smith.

Considering how poorly Smith and Greg Monroe have played with Andre Drummond – Detroit’s franchise player – and how they also won’t trade Monroe for minor pieces, the Pistons are more likely just trying to drum up interest that isn’t there. But it’s also possible they’re just overvaluing Smith.

Or maybe some of both.