Report: Doc Rivers, Clippers still in market to add front line depth


Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan have played 1,638 minutes together this season — 61.7 percent of the Clippers’ total minutes this season. The next big man on the minutes list in Ryan Hollins and he has played 406 minutes. Total. Doc Rivers is riding the Griffin/Jordan combo hard because he has no choice — Hollins, Byron Mullins and most recently Hedo Turkoglu are just not near the talents.

Which is why Rivers’ wants help up front.

This has been reported before at various points during the season, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reminded us of the Clippers’ deadline goal.

The Clippers also would like to make a move that takes them from just less than $2 million over the tax line to under it. However, both adding a big and getting under the tax is going to be difficult.

There are guys out there available at the Feb. 20 trade deadline (Rivers has a past with Brandon Bass of the Celtics) but at what cost in terms of tax and future assets? Rivers has been looking to fill this void for a while and he will try at the deadline. Then he will try again next summer.