Chris Bosh on winning Shooting Stars back-to-back: ‘That’s what champions do. We just find a way.’


NEW ORLEANS — The Sears Shooting Stars event is obviously the lightest of appetizers to the more hearty All-Star Saturday Night courses of the Three-Point and Slam Dunk Contests.

But the winning team has to make a half-court shot in a timely fashion to finish each of the event’s two rounds, and Chris Bosh hit both of them to lead his team to victory in the event for the second straight year.

At the end of his post-event press conference, a reporter had some fun by asking Bosh “which back-to-back was harder and more satisfying,” making a comparison between the Shooting Stars and the consecutive NBA titles won as a member of the Miami Heat.

Thankfully, Bosh was happy to play along.

“Good question,” he said, appearing to be taking it seriously. “Today’s back-to-back was extremely difficult. They were both hard. It’s tough dealing with expectations, but that’s what champions do. We just find a way.”