All-Star smack talk: James Harden shows off Eurostep game winner to John Wall firsthand

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NEW ORLEANS — The above play happened on Wednesday night — the Rockets were down one to the Wizards with four seconds left when James Harden lost his man John Wall on a Dwight Howard (moving) screen, got the ball out top, drove the lane, Eurostepped around the defender and scored the winning bucket. That play came right after Harden got a foul called on Trevor Ariza on what the Wizards thought was a flop.

Hours after that game ended both Harden and Wall were on their way to New Orleans where both are participants in the All-Star Game. Where the two were bound to run into each other. And you can bet that last play came up.

“(A number of players) were talking how many game winners there was the night before everybody came here and (Harden) came in and Eurospteps by me, Wall said with a laugh. “That’s how he scored the game winner right there.”

He didn’t say anything thing about the flop/foul?

“He isn’t going to say any ‘bout that,” Wall said. “He ain’t going to talk about the time he rubbed his beard in Trevor’s face either.”


While the players like to say All-Star weekend is all in good fun, there’s smack talk. Plenty of it.