Steve Nash talks frankly about road back, end of his career (VIDEO)


That is fantastic work. By Grantland and by the filmmaking companies.

More importantly, it doesn’t work if Steve Nash doesn’t open up about coming to the end of his career and his fight to get back on the court.

We often try to paint professional athletes as two dimensional figures, guys who are there to entertain us and win us our fantasy leagues. This brings you a real, gritty, three dimensional Steve Nash as he winds down his career — not a whitewashing tribute, but the reality of how his (and other) careers end.

Most professional athletes can have a brutal honesty about themselves and those around them, something not always expressed publicly. Most are aware of their limitations, what others do better than them, what they do that works in the game (whether it be the NBA or NHL or NFL) — Steve Nash lets you in to see that honesty at work. That he knows he’s not the same player, that his mobility has changed. That he sees the darkness creeping in on his career and that he wants to rage, rage against the dying of the light. That he wants one more good run at it.

We also get a peek at the kind of work he has done to return from the nerve root problem that has essentially stymied his Lakers’ years. What he thought he was walking into 20 months ago and the reality of the team now are radically different, and as a competitor he wants to change that tide. His body just betrays him, it will not let him.

I normally like to say “if you read one thing today make it this,” but today I’d say if you watch on thing today, make it this Steve Nash piece from Grantland.