LeBron James drains game-winning three over Iguodala (VIDEO)


It looked seconds before like Stephen Curry was going to be the hero — he drove the lane and got an and-1 lay-up that had the Golden State Warriors up by 2 with time running down.

But it’s still LeBron James’ world.

I love that Eric Spoelstra didn’t call a timeout — if you have a veteran team you trust, let them run what they want to run. The Heat shooters all went to the arc and cleared out for LeBron, who had a very good defender in Andre Iguodala on him — but clearly the Warriors did not expect him to shoot from that far out. It wasn’t a good shot, really. Didn’t matter to LeBron.

If you’re going to put yourself on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore, you better hit shots like that.