Ben McLemore may attempt a 720 dunk in the Slam Dunk Contest


The video above shows a player getting about as close to a 720-degree dunk as we’re likely to see.

Getting enough hangtime to perform two complete spins before throwing it down is a tall task, but one that Kings’ rookie Ben McLemore may attempt in the Dunk Contest in New Orleans next weekend.

From SBNation’s Celticsblog:

“I’m definitely a high flyer. I can get high. I just want to show my athleticism out there on the floor and bring a lot of excitement out there.”

Being both aerially dynamic and a high leaper, the current holy grail of the slam dunk, the 720, has come under consideration.

“I was thinking about that, nobody has put that up,” McLemore told CLNS Radio. “But we’ll see.”

It would be a welcome way to win it if in fact McLemore could pull it off, considering the way we’ve seen guys go more toward using props or costumes instead of letting the pure athleticism speak for itself.