Mario Chalmers fined $5,000 for flop against Blake Griffin (VIDEO)


That play from Wednesday night worked for Mario Chalmers — he drew and offensive foul on Blake Griffin.

He also flopped — and that’s the second time this season he’s been caught flopping so the league came down on him with a $5,000 fine this season. Yes, a whopping $5,000. To be clear, do the Sam Cassell big balls dance one time after a huge play and you get fined three times the amount you do for two flops. And you wonder why we still see a lot of flopping around the league.

Chalmers first flop warning came after a Jan. 20 game against the Hawks.

Chalmers becomes the fourth player to be fined for flopping this season, joining James Harden, Lance Stephenson and Corey Brewer.