More sleeved Warriors jerseys? A Raptors throwback? Team-integrated All-Star uniforms?


Paul Lukas – who broke news of the Brooklyn Nets developing a black-and-white, stars-and-stripes uniform – is back with a few more scoops.

There are no pictures, but Lukas’ source provides descriptions of:

  • Two new sleeved Warriors jerseys
  • A sleeved Magic jersey
  • A new version of the Raptors’ original purple uniform
  • 2015 All-Star warmups
  • Possible templates for the 2015 All-Star uniforms

Put me in the no column for sleeved jerseys. I don’t find them aesthetically appealing, and I find it hard to believe they’ll sell well considering how often players complain about them.

But I love the idea of the Raptors wearing something like this again. It would probably be as an alternate jersey, considering their push toward black and gold. But a few nights a year is the perfect amount for that dribbling Tyrannosaurus Rex to grace NBA courts.

The All-Star warmups – hooded in a boxing style – also get a thumbs up from me. But that’s only because the 2015 All-Star Game will be at Madison Square Garden, a venue with a proud boxing history. Anywhere else, that would be too corny.

Most of all, the possible 2015 All-Star uniforms excite me most. Lukas said they’re in this style. What a perfect way for players to represent their teams at the All-Star Game and still wear a new jersey that can be sold. I’d love to see all the slightly clashing uniforms on the court at once.