DeMarcus Cousins on Bulls’ Mike Dunleavy: ‘He’s a clown’


The Kings beat the Bulls by 29 points on Monday, in a physical contest that got chippy at times. Joakim Noah was ejected after cussing out every referee on the floor, and apparently there were some exchanges once again between DeMarcus Cousins and Mike Dunleavy Jr.

We say once again, because these two have a bit of a history.

Last season while with the Bucks, Cousins was ejected after responding to a Dunlevy undercutting with an elbow in retaliation. There was nothing that serious in this one, but the two still don’t like each other.

“He’s a clown,” Cousins said afterward. “And he’s scared. I wouldn’t even waste my time if I ever saw him outside of the gym. He’s a clown.”

[via Cowbell Kingdom]