Michael Carter-Williams might miss 76ers-Nets game due to snow


After missing the Philadelphia 76ers’ loss to the Detroit Pistons on Saturday due to a shoulder injury, Michael Carter-Williams returned home to Boston for personal reasons with the team’s permission. The plan was for him to meet the 76ers in Brooklyn for tonight’s game against the Nets, and he’d be reevaluated.

But snow has hit the Northeast, making it possible Carter-Williams won’t reach the Barclays Center in time for the 7:30 p.m. tipoff, according to Dei Lynam of CSN Philadelphia.

Even if his flight can’t take off, there could be other options. Driving on dry roads would have Carter-Williams there in about four hours, though conditions are obviously worse than ideal. A train would take around the same amount of time.

The Rookie of the Year favorite obviously makes the 76ers better. They’re 1-11 without him this season, and if he can’t make it to Brooklyn, that likely drops them to 1-12.

But losing to the Nets is the more likely outcome, regardless. And for a tanking team like Philadelphia, that’s not so bad.

There’s little sense cramping the 6-foot-6 Carter-Williams into a tight space for hours just to hope he makes it on time, isn’t too sore to play has seen his shoulder heal enough and actually makes a difference in the game’s result – none of those being givens. Better to just wait and see whether his flight can take off.