Someone stole Austin Carr’s retired number banner in Cleveland


If I were the investigator, I’d ask Brock Lesnar exactly where he was all of Monday night.

Monday night the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland was home to the WWE’s Monday Night Raw event. Tuesday morning Austin Carr’s retired No. 34 jersey was missing from the rafters, and it was not there for the Cavaliers game Tuesday night.

The team confirmed that they didn’t just send the thing out for cleaning, someone took it, reports

As of (Wednesday) morning, Cavs’ VP of Communications Tad Carper said that there were no updates on the ongoing investigation but that they had determined the jersey was up during Monday Night’s WWE Raw event and was missing the following morning.

Carper said that the Cavs are having another banner made “ASAP” with the intent to have it up for the next home game.

The best line goes to Carr himself (now the color commentator on Cavs’ broadcasts).

Hat tip to The Big Lead.