NBA rescinds flopping warning issued to Hawks’ Shelvin Mack


Shelvin Mack of the Atlanta Hawks became the 22nd player this season to be warned for flopping on Monday, and an initial look at the video clip above seemed to show that it was indeed justified.

But upon further review, Mack didn’t flail or fall cleanly like so many do when trying to sell a call to the officials. He appeared to legitimately get tangled up with his defender, and the awkward fall is what clinched the fact that this play was in no way intentional.

The video doesn’t always tell the entire story, especially when trying to determine whether a player was exaggerating contact or even inventing it altogether.

The current system is far from perfect, but it’s a start, and it’s good that the league is showing a willingness to listen to players’ arguments. Lance Stephenson, however, is still waiting for a response.