A guy got a Matt Bonner tattoo. He chose that of his own free will.


Well, it’s better than getting barbed wire tattooed around your bicep.

Luke Bonner, the brother of San Antonio Spurs big man Matt Bonner, pointed us toward this — a man who got a tattoo of Matt Bonner launching one of his patented threes.

I’m a fan of Bonner — the Red Mamba, the man who does a killer Andy Kaufman impression, the man with a passionate love of sandwiches — and this was about the last thing I ever thought I’d see. According to Luke the person who got this is “a Concord, N.H., legend, who’s now a barber in southern Florida,” so he is from the same town as the Bonners, which makes a little more sense. A little. (Dan Devine at Ball Don’t Lie has more details on this, if you need them.)

As you might expect, Bonner likes it.