Hawks’ Shelvin Mack’s egregious flop draws warning from league (VIDEO)


This is one of the more egregious — and by that amusingly bad and funny — flops of the season.

A lot of flops caught and fined by the league are guys exaggerating contact, but Shelvin Mack takes it to a new level. Watch the middle of the lane on the video above from Saturday’s Hawks’ game — the Bucks’ Brandon Knight cuts into the lane and uses his arm to gain a little space between him and Mack then makes a cut out to the three-point line. Mack uses that touch contact to just fall to the floor like he was hit by a metal folding chair in a WWE match. I will grant Mack he is a little off balance when the contact happens, but still.

Fortunately the referees didn’t buy it and play went on. The league warned Mack on Monday.

Mack becomes the 23rd player warned for flopping by the league, next time he gets caught by the league it’s a $5,000 fine. Three players have been caught twice and fined this season — James Harden, Corey Brewer and Lance Stephenson.

Hat tip to Zach “flopping king” Harper at Eye on Basketball for the video.