Denver’s Nate Robinson remains a huge Seahawks fan


Nate Robinson is all about the 206.

The Seattle native will hype his native city every chance he gets. He is a huge fan of all things Seattle — the Huskies (where he went to college), the Mariners, the Sounders…

And the Seahawks.

Who happen to be playing the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl this week. The city where Robinson currently gets paid to play basketball.

And his stripes are not changing, Robinson told the Denver Post.

“I’m having a small party, but really, just my kids (Nahmier, Ny’ale and Navyi) are coming down,” said Robinson, who said he is an unabashed fan of the Seahawks no matter where he works as a point guard. “Even though I’m with the Nuggets, I can’t go against the grain. I’m going with Seattle…

“Pete (Carroll, the Seahawks coach) recruited me when he was the head coach at USC, and I actually gave him a verbal (commitment),” Robinson said. “I’ve been to a couple of practices this past summer, and Coach Carroll said that he’ll have me hoist the ’12th Man’ flag next season.”

If that flag ends up being a NFL champion flag, some Broncos fans are not going to be happy.