Could we see a new look Pierre the Pelican at All-Star Game?


There is no more talked about mascot than Pierre the Pelican.

New Orleans change to the Pelican nickname drew raised eyebrows around parts of the nation but it played well in Louisiana, it was seen as a symbol of something local rather than imposed on them (Hornets).

But when the mascot Pierre was unveiled… let’s admit up front that is a nightmare fuel face. It’s scary in the way clowns are scary. On its surface it’s not meant to be, the bird is supposed to be smiling and he does fun tricks, but it’s just creepy.

Which brings us to this bit of news from the leading reporter on all things mascot (not to mention brilliant at the basketball stuff), Zach Lowe of Grantland:

A kinder, gentler Pierre the Pelican.

Since that mascot is going to be everywhere for a few days (mascots get a nice showcase at the All-Star Game), let’s hope it gets done. We don’t want children watching at home to think Pelicans are scary. Only clowns are scary.