Mario Chalmers warned for flopping by league (VIDEO)


The Heat were about to lose to the Hawks on Monday when LeBron James tried to make the final seconds interesting with a three, which missed.

What the league noticed on that play was Mario Chalmers, who comes down the left side and tries to get into rebounding position, gets legitimately bumped from behind, and tries to sell that with a flop where he goes sprawling across the court.

Tuesday the league gave Chalmers a formal flopping warning. If he is caught again this year he gets a $5,000 fine.  Hey Barack Obama, you still have his back?

Chalmers makes it 21 NBA players warned for flopping this season. Two guys have been fined, James Harden and Corey Brewer, each $5,000. Just as a reminder, Jameer Nelson just got a $15,000 fine without a warning for doing the Sam Cassell/Major League II/Big Balls dance.  So you know what is important.