Taj Gibson layup beats Lakers in overtime (VIDEO)


If the other team is taking the ball out of bounds and has less than a second to get off a shot at the end of the shot clock — or, let’s say, at the end of the game — the one thing you don’t want to give up is a pass to a guy cutting to the rim. Make them shoot a tough jumper. Every once in a while someone goes Derek Fisher with 0.4 seconds left, but in general that’s a low percentage shot.

The Lakers gave up a high percentage one with 0.9 seconds left in a tied overtime game with the Bulls.

Chicago lined four guys up at the free throw line and basically ran all of them at various angles down to the baseline, occupying a man — just acquired Manny Harris was in for the Lakers and started that play on the high side of that line of Bulls (expecting someone to pop out high, I guess) and when Taj Gibson went to the hole Harris was sealed on the wrong side. Pau Gasol tried to help but Gibson hit the shot and the Bulls get a nice win at home.

Gibson finished with 12 points, D.J. Augustin came off the bench and had 27 to lead the Bulls.