Quote of the Day: Carmelo Anthony call Knicks’ loss ‘embarrassing’


“It was an embarrassing loss. It’s a frustrating loss, man. We’re on the road and I felt like we could have played a lot better, a lot harder, than we did. This was a big game, against a big-time team, and we didn’t bring it.”

-Carmelo Anthony on the New York Knicks’ 117-89 loss to the Indiana Pacers last night, via Al Iannazzone of Newsday

Yeah, the Knicks probably could have played harder, but the Pacers are clearly the better team. This was a “big” game only because of the national TNT telecast and New York’s market size. Purely in terms of basketball, this was just a top-end team beating a mediocre team. Nothing more, nothing less.

And though I generally agree with Melo that the Knicks’ effort level was poor, it’s not as if they never brought it. Sometimes, they brought it and it just got sent right back.