PBT Extra: Talking J.R. Smith rumors, Kevin Love’s future


The Knicks are on a hot streak, that in spite of the injury to Tyson Chandler and the distraction that is J.R. Smith. In this latest edition of PBT Extra Kay Adams asks be about the reality of the J.R. Smith trade rumors, which were really a bluff by the Knicks more than anything.

Then we talk Clippers, who are 3-1 without Chris Paul, but the real tests start for them this week.

Finally we get to the interesting topic of Kevin Love, his recent outburst and the Timberwolves struggles this season — the bottom line is could he bolt in the summer of 2015? Maybe. If Minnesota is going to keep him they need to win so much he doesn’t want to leave, and the Timberwolves are closer to that than it looks.