Denver makes video trying to get people to vote Ty Lawson for All-Star Game


Not bad Denver Nuggets, not bad.

Ty Lawson likely isn’t getting invited to New Orleans for the NBA All-Star game — he’s not in the Top 10 vote getters in the Western Conference backcourt so far this season — but Denver is pushing his candidacy with this video, making light of Lawson’s speed. To me, the best part is probably the “This is PepsiCenter” ending, or maybe the clock joke. But I liked it.

Lawson is playing really well this season — 17.7 points a game, with a true shooting percentage of 55.5 percent, plus he’s dishing out 8.6 assists a game. He has a PER of 20.3, which would be a career high, as he takes on more of the team’s offense.

The problem is he is in a West loaded with guards. Kobe Bryant (who likely is back by the Feb. 16 All-Star Game) and Stephen Curry will start, as voted by the fans. That leaves three, maybe four tops other guard positions. James Harden, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard likely soak up those. After those guys, if you bring in another guard, you’d have to take Lawson over guys like Tony Parker and Klay Thompson, and I’m not sure that happens.

Not fair, but that’s the way it goes.