Kevin Hart, Ice Cube swing by Sixers practice, Hart jokes he thought it was a tryout (VIDEO)

ice cube

If you watched some NBA on Christmas Day, you may have learned Kevin Hart has a movie coming out with Ice Cube called “Ride Along.” If you watched all five games like I did it will be forever seared into your brain.

Hart and Ice Cube (Mr. Cube?) swung by Sixers practice Thursday, where Hart was knocking down a few jumpers (he can shoot) and joking around he thought this was a tryout. It’s pretty much the same schtick from his NBA All-Star weekend celebrity games where he has demanded to be the MVP. And gotten it. Basically if you find Hart funny you will find this clip funny.

As for Ice Cube… my favorite thing he did in years was swing by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where this video surfaced of him performing Straight Outta Compton with The Roots (NSFW language, obviously).