Manu Ginobili sinks game winner in overtime (VIDEO)


Manu doing Manu things.

Manu Ginobili isn’t quite the player he once was, but he can still create shots, and he can still knock those shots down. Which he what he did here to break a tie game in overtime against Memphis on Tuesday. The Spurs inbound the ball to Tim Duncan and he holds the ball and waits for Ginobili to come by for the handoff where Duncan acts as a screen, something the Grizzlies switch, which leaves a capable defender in Ed Davis on Ginobili.

But Manu uses a little hesitation move around the free throw line, which creates enough space for him to get to the rim and lay in the game winner with 1.8 seconds left. It was vintage Manu.

Mike Conley had a 29-foot three at the buzzer that fell just short. Spurs win.