Dennis Rodman has strange outburst during CNN interview about North Korea


Dennis Rodman, when pressed by Chris Cuomo about the Basketball Hall of Famer’s infamous North Korea trip, began rambling and snapping during a CNN interview.

You can watch the above video if you want to try discerning Rodman’s point, but I don’t think he has one. He’s not qualified to answer questions about international issues, even if he props himself up as some sort of diplomat. He’s just a former basketball player who lacks expertise in global affairs.

However, the interview showcases a few traits of Rodman’s:

1. Rodman drinks a lot. I don’t know whether Rodman was drunk during this segment, but there is no doubt alcohol adversely impacted his ability speak coherently. His admittedly heavy drinking has taken its toll.

2. Rodman believes people should be free to do what they want. In some ways, that’s noble. Rodman is extremely tolerant of everyone. But even the most-accepting among us draw a line when people’s choices unfairly harm others. Rodman, unfortunately, doesn’t draw that distinction.

3. Rodman wants attention. He’s a clown, a performer who will make a spectacle of himself if it will attract eyeballs.

That, for better or worse, is Rodman. Anyone else seeking more is wasting time – and, in the case of Cuomo, getting yelled at.