Report of completed Pau Gasol-Andrew Bynum trade quickly shot down


A Pau Gasol-Andrew Bynum trade went from stalled to done to somewhere in between, at least according to ESPN reports.

After the Lakers and Cavaliers hit a snag in their negotiations, ESPNLA 710 reported in a since-deleted tweet:

ESPNLA 710 later explained its reporting:

But not before a couple writers gave more-credible reports:

Nobody is denying this trade is in the works. Both sides are clearly discussing it – or at least a deal centered around it. The Cavaliers, under the salary-cap rules, could not trade Bynum straight up for Gasol. But Cleveland adding a minor player or two would make the trade acceptable, at least by the league office.

The Cavaliers want to make the playoffs, and the Lakers want salary relief, so the deal could help both sides. It probably helps the Cavaliers more, so they’ll have to send more to the Lakers (a young player and/or draft pick).

It sounds like both teams will spend Sunday trying to reach an agreement. But they haven’t found that middle ground yet.