Thomas Robinson was yelling “lunch meat” every time Aldridge touched ball


Thomas Robinson wasn’t getting a lot of time on the court Thursday night — he played garbage time in the second half of the fourth quarter of the Trail Blazers’ blowout of the Bobcats, that was it — but he was still a part of the story after the game.

It started with this tweet from courtside photographer Bruce Ely:

Lunch meat?

Why does Robinson want LaMarcus Aldridge to think of prepackaged Bologna? Ben Golliver of The Blazers Edge doesn’t away from these tough questions and asked.

“Lunch meat,” Robinson explained to Blazersedge, smiling. “Whatchu do when you got some lunch meat? You eat it. Exactly! Whenever someone [is guarding Aldridge], he’s always eating. He’s L.A. Whenever somebody on him, he eat him. Lunch meat. That’s how it is.”

“It means the guy can’t guard me,” Aldridge sheepishly told Blazersedge. “That I’m going to score at will. It’s not that simple when I’m doing it. They say it looks that easy sometimes. It’s fine, but I’m not going to get into it, I’m not going to say it myself.”

So “lunch meat” is the new “butter” or “all day long” among the other things I’ve heard at pickup games (admittedly at times the guy I was guarding got the rock).

Lunch meat may be the best one yet. Feel free to use at your own discretion.